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Jim Clark en France

Jim Clark. A name that suggests a prince of speed with a dazzling smile. So much has already been said or written about this extraordinary Scottish champion, whom many consider to be one of the greatest in the history of his sport: His natural elegance, his surgically precise aerial driving, his behaviour as incisive on the track as it is discreet off it, his loyalty and simplicity in his relationships with others, the symbiotic couple he formed with Colin Chapman - the brilliant Lotus creator - his tragic destiny... However, if the international sporting career of the champion is well known, the French part, including his life in Paris, is probably less so. With the help of new testimonies from friends and family, exceptional and unpublished photos and documents (notably from the archives of Gérard Crombac, Michel Finquel and the Clark family), the author has been able to shed light on the French and Monegasque dimension - 41 races in F1, F2, FJ, Sport and GT from 1959 to 1967 - of Jim Clark's unparalleled trajectory.


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Lancia Stratos – Mythe et réalité

Lancia Stratos... The mere mention of this name awakens in us feelings of excitement and passion. Erik Comas, the Formula 1 driver reconverted to historic rallies, gave his insight on this mythical sports car that he knows perfectly. He is also the one who mediated Dominique Vincent's approach to all those who have written the most beautiful pages of the history of this icon of motor racing.

Foreword by Erik Comas and introduction by Cesare Fiorio.

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Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda died on May 20, 2019. Three-time Formula One World Champion, the Austrian racer left an indelible mark on the imagination of racing enthusiasts, who have forgotten neither his terrible accident on the Nürburgring, nor his sporting rivalry with James Hunt, then later with Alain Prost. Based on a particularly rich and original iconography and testimonies of people who knew him, Dominique Vincent invites us to follow his itinerary as a driver from the end of the 60s, the least known, to the mid-80s.

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1962 – Week-end à Monaco

An exceptional iconography at the service of the most prestigious F1 Grand Prix of the season, three Formula Junior races finally revealed thanks to unpublished documents, the presence of Clark, Brabham, Gurney, McLaren, G. Hill, P. Hill, Surtees, Bandini, Siffert and Trintignant at the wheel of the mythical Ferraris, Coopers, Lotuses, Porsches, BRMs and Lolas; the participation of the iconic Lotus 25 with monocoque chassis; these are just some of the ingredients of the spicy menu that we are proposing you to enjoy.

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